Hello there, a warm welcome to my blog!

My name is Jessica, I’m a (mostly) vegan & feminist researcher. I am currently based in the United Kingdom, but I have lived in five other countries in the past five years, which included highlights such as being named Outstanding International Student of the Year at UCLA and doing research on public places in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

Recent achievements include completing one of the world’s slowest half-marathons.

I am passionate about learning more about the link between cities, nature and happiness. This blog contains random spurts of inspiration on those topics and the occasional bit of silliness (I am in love with a Morris dancer after all…).

Grab a cup of coffee (with rice/coconut milk!) and read on to learn more about the environment you live in and for resources to be a happier and healthier you!

I would love this to be a conversation, not just my random ramblings, so please share your thoughts with me via the Contact form, on Twitter or Linkedin. Or just comment on one of the posts!



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