Fuel your day: coffee, oats & banana smoothie

Hello everyone! I have been thinking of sharing yummy-healthy plant-based recipes for a while so… Here’s my first shot at it. There will probably be other ‘fuel your day‘ posts so keep your eyes peeled!

Coffee oats and banana smoothie

A while ago I walked past a sign advertising coffee and oats smoothies outside a well-known coffee chain; and as I try to avoid buying from those kinds of establishments I decided to try making it myself instead. It tasted delicious the first time round and has now become a regular feature in my life: I have this at least once a week and it’s still great if you forget an ingredient (making it early in the morning…)!

To make it you will need a blender (mine is a Kenwood – you don’t need anything fancy/high-tech)… If you don’t have one I can’t help you. 🙂 Other than that, the list of ingredients can be adapted, as long as you remember to include the three key players: some coffee, oats and a banana, as well as some liquid.


  • A cup (approx. 250 ml) of oats
  • Your ripest banana, broken up into smaller chunks to help your blender out
  • A shot of strong coffee – I use two teaspoons of instant coffee and about 50 ml of hot water
  • Four ice cubes
  • A teaspoon of flax seeds
  • A cup of raw spinach – I promise you won’t taste it!
  • A large glass of liquid – I fill mine with 2/3 almond milk and 1/3 water
  • Sweet goo of choice – I sometimes use maple-flavoured golden syrup (optional)
  • A bit of protein powder (optional). Can anyone recommend a vegan protein powder that doesn’t ruin the taste of smoothies? If so, please share in the comments!

Blend all the above for about a minute and enjoy! It works well for breakfast with a slice of toast and an orange. I also like to have a glassful before a workout and the other half afterwards or at some point in the day when I’m feeling peckish – the recipe does make quite a lot, so you could also share it between two people.

If you use all the ingredients listed, that’s already four to five servings ticked off your Daily Dozen list (I love the app: it focuses on abundance of healthy foods rather than restriction – I use it every day).

One last thing: wash the blender bits as soon as you’re done with them: your future self and the people you live with will thank you… No one likes scraping a blender clean!

Please share your smoothie experiments or recipe suggestions in the comments below.


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