Friday Five

Friday Five is your weekly list of things to check out while taking a break at work or enjoying a hot drink over the weekend. I hope the following links will make you think and/or smile!


1. So… An intolerant and intolerable has made his way into the White House. Why should we care here in the UK? Personally, I find it hurtful. Electing him as president sets the bar for what is considered acceptable behaviour – and apparently sexism, racism, ableism (and the rest!) are the flavour of the day for many Americans. Caroline Lucas writes about the impact of the Trump election on women and girls here: The idea of girls growing up in a world where a leader can talk about groping women turns my stomach.

2. However, while the spotlight has recently been on the United States, sexism knows no borders, as exemplified by the recent #dresscode Twitter war. Men have been weighing in on a conversation that they do not fully understand, comparing having to wear a tie to meetings to being forced to wear heels all day at work. I work at a university, and the dress code, if indeed there even is one, is quite casual, with most people settling for something they can comfortably work in all day. I struggle with the idea of women being forced to wear heels to “keep up appearances” for the company they work for – surely they make workers less productive by slowing them down and causing pain? Em Clarkson flips the perspective on this issue: Ask them to walk a mile in your shoes. Heels will be outlawed by tea time.

3. In other news, a new evolution in the Brexit shenanigans. I’m not even sure I want to understand what is going on re Brexit anymore.

4. If the negative news cycle makes you want to just pack a backpack and escape, here’s some practical wanderlust inspiration.

5. In the midst of all this chaos and dissonating views, here’s a reminder (as much for myself as anyone else):

Nice helpful method of nonviolent communication, the THINK-method of @heatherplett #nonviolentcommunication – A tweet by @cvdheijkant

Now go outside and enjoy your weekend!


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